Optimizing Cellular Function Through Membrane Lipid Replacement

Presented by
Robert Settineri, MS

What to expect

Both the natural aging process and many chronic conditions are characterized by oxidative damage to membrane phospholipids, resulting in the loss of cellular membrane function. The emerging science behind membrane lipid replacement, in which supplemental glycophospholipids and antioxidants are used to replenish membranes, is evolving rapidly due to a growing body of evidence fueling interest in clinical applications associated with cell membrane health.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry expert Robert Settineri about the importance of cell membrane integrity and the potential of membrane lipid replacement. Robert’s informative webinar will cover:

• How supplements can restore membrane function

• Clinical evidence supporting membrane lipid replacement therapies

• Clinical indications for use of membrane lipid replacement therapies

Expand your understanding of cellular health. To illustrate the principles membrane lipid replacement, a premium lipid supplement will be profiled to provide participants with an understanding of how we can promote proper function in cellular membranes, organelles, cells, and tissues.
Meet the instructor

Robert Settineri, MS

Robert Settineri, MS, has been the consulting director of clinical research for Nutritional Therapeutics, Inc, since 1996. He has designed clinical study profiles, coordinated major clinical research and trials, developed profiles and marketing materials, and produced videos for the company. For more than 30 years, Robert has contributed to clinical research for the nutraceutical industry; he has published many medical journal articles and is a member of the board of the American Nutraceutical Association. Robert is a frequent presenter of NTFactor® formulas to the medical community.
Patrick Jones - Course author