Lesson series

PHA Summit Spotlight

A Webinar Learning Experience with Insights into Our Premier Conference
A virtual spotlight of the PersonaLogix Health Academy (PHA) Summit! Attendees will be briefed on highlights of key topics that will be covered at our upcoming live event in the spring.
With over 30 exhibitors and a lineup of expert speakers, the PHA Summit will launch a return to in-person learning with CME credits available, networking, and enjoying the company of colleagues and friends—both old and new. 
Our Presentations
Frederick sutter, md, llc
Pain Assessment and Management:
Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine
Brandon Brock, DNP, DC
Environmental Impact on Brain Function
Ben lynch
Histamine Intolerance: Genetic Susceptibility & How to Resolve It
Anna Cabeca
A Natural Approach to Libido & Intimacy
Cheryl Burdette
A Synthesis of the Science; Putting It into Practice
Yousef Elyaman
Diving Deeper into Advanced Lipid Testing
David Haase
Regenerative Plasma Exchange™ & Neurologic Nutrition as components of a Program to Reverse Cognitive Decline