Solving for Statin-Induced Nutrient Depletions

Science-Based Solutions

Presented by Abid Husain, MD, Cardiologist,
and Sarah Morgan, Even Health Founder

What to expect

It is inevitable that many of us will need medication at some point, necessary medication that may successfully treat a condition but may simultaneously create side effects that can affect patient compliance. This possibility, in addition to imbalances created by drug-nutrient interactions, can present challenges to integrative practitioners when creating holistic wellness plans. One of these challenges is referred to as medication-induced nutrient depletions (M.I.N.D.™).

Join Sarah Morgan, co-founder and CEO of Even Health, and cardiologist Abid Husain as they dive into responsible and innovative solutions for medication-induced nutrient depletions. In this first episode of an ongoing series, Sarah and Dr. Husain will cover interactions with commonly prescribed statin drugs. You will learn:

• Pleiotropic effects of statins

• Common side effects/complaints from statin users

• M.I.N.D. related to statins

• How to create, implement, and monitor full-spectrum wellness plans for statin users
Meet the instructor

Abid Husain, MD

Abid Husain, MD, is a board-certified cardiologist with a unique and diverse background in health care, ranging from cardiology to integrative medicine. He completed his cardiology fellowship at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in New Jersey and established his career at the Heart Institute of Nevada in Las Vegas and later as a solo cardiologist. Dr. Husain currently practices in Denver, CO, blending conventional and functional medicine.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Sarah Morgan,
Founder & CEO of Even Health

Sarah Morgan, Founder & CEO of Even Health, founded Even Health to meet the unique nutritional needs of individuals taking common prescription medications. Even Health’s products have been developed to balance biochemistry and enable individuals taking prescription medications to feel good while receiving the benefits of their medications. Sarah is a modern-day inventor who is known for her innovative ideas that connect science to everyday life.
Patrick Jones - Course author