Transforming Health with Fermented Soy

Presented by
Jordan Todesco

What to expect

Soybeans and foods derived from them have been part of the human diet for centuries. Culturing soy with beneficial bacteria or yeast is a process long used in Asian cuisine to yield fermented foods such as soy sauce, miso, and natto. It adds flavor and is believed to improve digestibility and protective health benefits. The nutritional value and health and wellness benefits of the soybean and its constituents are well-documented in the literature, but when selecting products made from soy, there are important factors to consider.

The creation of healthy fermented soy products is an art, and not all soy products are equal. Join natural product entrepreneur and plant-based food enthusiast Jordan Todesco to learn about fermented soy products and what it means to be good, better, or best in this category. Jordan will illustrate important points with highlights from the 30-year history and research behind Haelan 951, a fermented soy beverage scientifically formulated to nourish at the cellular level.

• Historical use of soybeans

• Impact of species, growing conditions, and the effect of peak harvest time on nutrient density

• Steps to making and benefits of fermented soy

• Five functional compounds in soy products as outlined in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1991 commentary

• Scientific research on the cellular effects and clinical applications of fermented soy, including clinical work with Haelen 951
Meet the instructor

Jordan Todesco

Jordan Todesco is a serial entrepreneur, CFO, and co-founder of Guardian Angel Dessert Co., a company that has transformed “ice cream” into hand-crafted, small-batch, dairy-free frozen desserts infused with delicious and healthy ingredients. While attaining his undergraduate degree in finance, Jordan developed the marketing and outreach strategies that launched the Utah High School Entrepreneur Challenge, a thriving state-wide competition managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute which encourages high school students to explore entrepreneurship. Outside of his wife and two sons, his true passion is to help people and businesses grow in a manner that allows all parties to benefit. Jordan is the director of sales at Haelen Products, Inc.
Patrick Jones - Course author